4 Ways Change in Demand is Affecting Medical Office Designs

If there is anything we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that there is a strong need for increased capacity in healthcare. To facilitate this, many practitioners are investing in enhanced medical office designs to help in their mission of providing top-notch care. 

With almost 40 years of experience in property management, development, and brokerage services, Plaza Companies has worked with countless professionals in finding the right property for their business. Read our article below to learn how medical office designs are evolving.

Let’s Start With the Most Apparent: Telehealth

During the current health crisis, doctors and medical resources are spread thin. Therefore, hospitals and providers are moving towards virtual options to treat patients. Before the coronavirus epidemic telemedicine had between 1 to 3 percent utilization among a broad range of groups. However, to maintain social distance, this trend in healthcare treatment is being reversed. A new report from S&P Global states telehealth patient volume increased 3,000-4,000% during the early months of the pandemic. Today, many practices are still offering these services as they provide greater access to people searching for support.

As a result of this, many medical office designs are adopting new technologies to improve their telehealth capabilities. Additionally, having flexible spaces where doctors can engage with their patients from a distance can help their practices move forward. 

Art is Playing a Larger Role in Medical Office Designs

When you think of your average medical office space, what do you see? If you thought sterile white walls with old painted pictures and generic medical pictures, you’re not far off. However, there’s a change happening in the industry and it’s happening in the waiting room.

Gone are the days of sitting in some cold, uninteresting office. Instead, many practices are investing in art to liven up the patient experience. This is because art has been shown to create a warm, soothing environment for patients waiting to be seen. It brings a sense of comfort in a situation that people normally hate, ensuring they’re happy with your office.

Convenience Spaces are Becoming More Prominent

Healthcare providers are realizing that convenience – for both patients and employees – is key. As a result, many practices are changing their medical office designs to accommodate these needs. 

Providing convenient options helps promote an overall positive working environment – and it’s likely an incentive for prospective employees. If an at-work daycare is a deciding factor in an employment decision, that may tip the scale in favor of a hospital that has a facility in-house. If your employees feel a gym would help them relax, you may consider investing in an in-house gym for them to work out in. 

When it comes to convenience spaces for patients, this can include:

  • Gift shops
  • Flower shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Cafeterias
  • And much more!

We’re Seeing More Sustainable Medical Office Designs Than Ever Before

You’ve probably seen many businesses incorporate some level of eco-friendliness into their operations. The medical industry is no different. When choosing how medical offices are designed, many have the opportunity to invest in features, materials, and fixtures that are more sustainable.

For example, the use of materials like bamboo for surfaces or flooring and copper for door handles adds a touch of warmth to patient rooms and waiting areas. The use of bamboo is another long-lasting option that is both sustainable and easy to clean while being visually pleasing to look at.

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