What Is a Medical Office Building?

As a physician or other type of health care professional, you likely need more features and amenities in your clinic than a typical office space provides. Medical office buildings, or MOBs, are office facilities designed specifically for health care practices, meaning they have elements or design principles intended to improve patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

Most doctors and health care practice owners want to lease medical office space that’s reflective of their branding and services. Warm, well-lit interiors and modern design elements offer an air of professionalism that many modern physicians demand. Most of today’s health care providers also want to steer clear of anything that looks or feels too “clinical,” instead seeking out medical offices that have comfortable waiting areas with kids’ playing areas, snack options and similar perks.

Medical Office Building Amenities

Many modern MOBs offer similar amenities. Chances are, you want to set up your clinic or doctor office in an area that is highly visible and easily accessible. Obvious signage is essential, and so, too, is having a parking area that is close to your office’s main point of entry. As far as the inside of MOBs, many health care providers find that patients desire open spaces, modern technologies, natural lighting and color schemes known to reduce stress and anxiety.

While these are some of the amenities most desired by today’s patients, it’s important to note that the most-sought-after amenities in MOBs are subject to change over time. Thus, you should always ask about the flexibility of a particular MOB before moving into it so that you can adapt the space to your needs as they change.

Considerations in Leasing Medical Office Space

While it is important that the MOB, itself, have the amenities and features your practice needs, you also want to consider the other tenants in the building. Typically, you want to avoid opening your practice too close to any direct competitors. However, it may benefit you to do so near others that offer different services, or specialty services, so you could both potentially benefit from referrals. If you are one of those specialty care providers, it may serve you well to lease space in a MOB that has a strong primary care practice there already for the same reason.

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