Selecting the Right Commercial Property Location

Commercial Real Estate Selection Process

Selecting the right commercial real estate location can be a very time consuming process. Knowing your priorities, considering your first impression of the property, finding out about security, evaluating defects, and having easy accessibility can all help you feel confident in your decision.

As a business owner, few things are as stressful as getting your business up and running or shopping for a move. Even if you are in need of singing a lease quickly, it will make the difference in the end to do your research when choosing your next commercial real estate location. Consider a few factors that will play into your decision of selecting your new commercial space and how it may affect your business.

Knowing Your Priorities When Leasing Commercial Property

As you start the journey of setting up shop for your new business or just need to upgrade your current situation, consider your list of priorities that will fulfill your needs. What is the best location for your business? Is the size going to allow for natural expansion? What sort of security is available?

Consider Your Needs

Adapting your selection to the needs of your business is key when choosing the right commercial real estate location. If your business is in retail, you will want to make sure there is ample parking space for your customers. As a wholesaler, choosing a cosmopolitan space is less important than finding a space that meets your small wholesale or manufacturing operation. You will want to consider zoning regulations or activity restrictions.

Keeping Location In Mind

The old adage still rings true, location, location, location. Obviously, every business owner wants to choose a location that will cater to their customers but this could make or break your business. You’ll want to consider zoning, easy access to supply chain, or existing surrounding culture to make sure it compliments your business.

Rely on Your First Impression of the Commercial Property

Your first impression of a commercial space can really give you the best gut reaction to how things will turn out. If you find that the property management team is not cooperating with your questions, this may be a big red flag. Older facilities may present themselves with attractive rates, but require more construction and maintenance in the end.

Look into the building quality and construction for layout and operations. Taking the time to really dig into if the facility will meet your business needs is necessary to not lose out in the end – as there is no point in leasing a office building when you are in need of a factory floor.

Find a Broker You Can Trust

When you are in need of finding a commercial space, find a broker you can trust with Plaza Companies. We will start helping you find a property that is a great fit for you today!

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