The Golden Rules of Medical Office Management

A medical office manager typically has to keep multiple balls in the air at all times, so it’s a job that requires high levels of organization, responsibility and attention to detail. When done well, medical office management leads to a productive workforce and a profitable practice. So, learning how to manage your medical office more effectively can help you eliminate potential hurdles, allowing your doctor and team to focus their efforts on making patients feel better.

As the manager of a medical office, it may be your responsibility to allocate responsibilities, oversee staff members and otherwise ensure smooth operations, and there are a number of rules you may want to follow to help you do so more effectively. To keep your medical office running smoothly, keep these golden rules in mind.

Rule 1: Configure your office to maximize productivity.

It may surprise you just how much the configuration of your office impacts the productivity of your staff. Many doctors and health care providers prefer offices that encourage traffic to flow a single direction. A commonly seen example is an office that loops starting and ending at the reception desk. Why? Having traffic flow in one direction helps prevent hallway traffic jams, and it also helps minimize time wasted by employees who stop to chat with one another.

Similarly, many doctors prefer to have their own entrances into their offices so they can enter and exit undetected as needed.

Rule 2: Understand all job duties.  

As someone in a management role, it is your duty to make sure that everyone working underneath you fully comprehends his or her job duties and knows how to use valuable skills to help the medical office run smoothly. Make sure that new employees receive proper training, guidance, feedback and motivation so they can continue to perform at the best of their abilities.

Rule 3: Utilize technology to streamline operations.

Technology can help your medical office function more efficiently, while a lack of technology can hinder productivity. Utilizing medical office scheduling software, for example, may help you track employee progress and stay on top of scheduling efforts. Similarly, having adequate space and systems available to communicate with patients electronically can also help your practice save valuable time and money.

As someone who holds a medical office management role, it’s up to you to make sure that all trains continue to run on track. Plaza Companies recognizes how factors such as office configuration affect your office’s productivity and can help managers, doctors and other care providers find or configure spaces that best meet their needs. For assistance, call Plaza Companies at 623.972.1184 or get in touch online.

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