How Technology Expands Patient Access to Health Providers

Technology has long had a hand in advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes, and the trend continues today. Just as new technologies have led to the development of new vaccines, treatment methods and similar medical advancements, technology has also played a huge role in broadening patient access to health providers.

What does this mean for you, the provider, from a leasing standpoint? In essence, it means you should consider how technologies that help you communicate with patients from afar are going to impact your office and space needs.

Accessibility at the touch of a button

Nowadays, more people than ever are using cellphones to stay connected with not only their medical providers, but their own bodies. In addition to relying on fitness and wellness apps to track everything from steps to calories, health-conscious patients are also using their cellphones to communicate directly with their doctor – helping eliminate transportation-related barriers that patients, and particularly those living in rural areas, often face.

The telehealth takeover

Instead of scheduling appointments that can disrupt the workday and, in some cases, involve long travel times, patients are increasingly relying on “telehealth,” which improves patient access to health providers by allowing them to communicate by phone or computer over a distance. Not all symptoms or circumstances warrant in-person visits, and telehealth technologies help health care providers do everything from prescribe medications to review test results without seeing a patient in-office.

Impacts of telehealth on leasing needs

The benefits of telehealth for the patient are clear, but how does it benefit today’s medical providers? For starters, expanding patient access through technological advancements cuts your costs by lowering readmission rates and changing your space needs. Instead of needing more rooms for patients, for example, you may need additional high-tech space for computers and similar telehealth equipment.

In an increasingly health-conscious and technologically connected society, patients want easy, fast and reliable access to health providers. Plaza Companies can help you navigate the leasing process and find an office space that accommodates telehealth and related technologies, helping you save money and space while helping your patients maintain more control over their health. To learn more, call 623.972.1184 or get in touch online.

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