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SkySong the ASU Innovation Center

SkySong 5 Building Awarded Coveted LEED Gold Certification

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (April 19, 2021) — SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center’s fifth office building has earned the prestigious LEED Gold certification for its sustainability and environmentally friendly construction    The...
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large buildings in the city for commercial real estate

How To Become a Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you desire a career that has the potential for a high salary and high reward, the commercial real estate industry may be right for you Obtaining the right skills and guidance is paramount to one’s success in the industry As one of the...
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Woman on her phone working property management

Why You Need to Hire a Property Management Company

While owners can manage their own commercial properties, it can prove to be a stressful, time-consuming responsibility As an owner, you’re in charge of property maintenance, repairs, rent collection, leasing, cleaning, financial and risk...
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Commercial Construction Workers looking over blueprints for a project

3 Safety Trends That Are Impacting Commercial Construction Projects

The commercial construction industry is in a reemergence after experiencing a turbulent 2020 The COVID-19 crisis put many projects on hold and the ones that continued adapted their operations to protect employee health Moreover,...
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Cigna Medical Group Joins SkySong Community

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (March 17, 2021) —SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center today announced that Cigna Medical Group (CMG) is opening a new, innovative health care center in SkySong 4, located in Scottsdale   CMG signed a...
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SkySong Expected to Generate $58.2 Billion in Economic Impact Over Next 30 Years

Project is Generating 9,350 Total Jobs Annually; Millions in Revenue   SEE FULL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Click here for the news report Click here for full article   SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (January 19, 2021) — SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale...
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Plaza---Mixed Use Developments

Trends in Mixed-Use Development and How They Benefit Investors

Mixed-use developments are becoming an increasingly critical component of the commercial real estate industry Mixed-use developments require a planning strategy that incorporates design and development that serves the economy, community,...
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The outside of a piece of commercial real estate inside a large skyscraper

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a highly sought after investment opportunity for many entrepreneurs It provides property owners with additional cash flow, benefits from different levels of economies of scale, and a diverse range of use for...
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A blue and Orange Mixed-Use Developments with a row of balconies

Advantages of Investing in Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments have been springing up across the United States, and they continue to be a popular choice amongst tenants and realtors This is primarily due to their impact on rejuvenating communities and creating spaces that are...
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The outside of a large medical office space

Should I Lease or Buy Medical Office Space?

As a business owner, there are many things to consider when deciding on where to set up your company’s operations Selecting the right location for your business is tricky enough — but choosing if you should lease or buy an office space...
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