5 Important Things To Consider When Looking For An Office Space

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It’s natural for the size of companies to ebb and flow over time. With these changes, it is important for companies to also find a workspace that meets their business needs. While every company has its own particular needs for office space, understanding what to look for is necessary for success and productivity. 


Tech-Friendly Office Space

According to a 2019 Instant Office report, technical requirements led to $14 billion in investment in the first two quarters of 2019. As the business landscape changes, companies’ needs for workspaces that meet their technically advanced needs are of growing importance. These technical requirements allow businesses to work more efficiently, keep up with demand, and foster an attractive environment for prospective employees. 


Office Space That is Close to Clients

Another aspect companies may consider is their proximity to their clients. Networking is an essential part of most businesses, so setting up shop near current and potential clients can help them stand out. When businesses are familiar with the area in which their clients operate, it makes the relationship one of common ground. Additionally, when there is a need for collaboration, the close proximity makes it easy to connect. 


The Right Office Space Will Have Convenient Parking

Employees and clients will be accessing your office from various places. It is important to have a designated area for them to park. This is particularly important if your business is located in a downtown or other difficult to access setting. You may want to identify parking garages or street parking options to ensure employees and clients have a safe, efficient area to park.


Flexible Office Space Leasing

In today’s business climate, it’s difficult for companies to predict their workspace needs on a long-term basis. Furthermore, many companies’ accounting standards require lessees to recognize leases that are longer than 12 months to be on the company balance sheet. 


In today’s modern work culture, companies must be resilient and able to change themselves to adapt to market needs. Having flexible lease options affords them the luxury of being able to change their office space if and when it is necessary to the success of their operation. 


It’s Called Office SPACE For a Reason

Probably the most important aspect when considering office space is its size. Size requirements are subjective from business to business, but there are a few rules to consider: 


  1. For maximum comfort,  70 square feet per person is ideal 
  2. A dedicated space for both internal and client-facing meetings
  3. Consideration of the social and recreational areas available for employees


More office space for employees can be a moral and productivity booster with lasting effects. By investing in an office that can facilitate current employees and future growth, companies can ensure comfortability for all. 


Find The Perfect Office Space

Finding the right office space may seem overwhelming at first, but we are here to help. Plaza Companies will do the work to find the right office space for your business and employees. Contact us to learn how we can get you started on your search today!

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