5 Innovative Office Design Approaches To Consider in 2021

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People spend a lot of time at work. So, why not incorporate office designs that promote comfort as well as productivity? By investing in new furniture, lighting, and collaborative spaces, businesses can find success and a happier workforce from a redesign. That is why we’ve highlighted five design approaches business owners should consider when arranging their office space below.


Hybrid Workplaces

The popularity of hybrid workplaces has grown over the years, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept’s appeal has grown even more. This form of workplace includes employees who divide their time in the office and at home. With more companies adopting a more flexible schedule, office designs are evolving to meet hybrid worker’s needs.


Designs may include:

  • Flex desking where employees book desks each morning so they secure a space where they can work
  • Investing in video conferencing tools and rooms to help keep team members stay on the same page wherever they are
  • Incorporating wayfinding into the office to ensure employees are able to find their way around the office with safety as a consideration.


Incorporate a Home-Like Atmosphere

According to Forbes, managing stress is important for employee health and morale. That is why businesses are moving away from the mundane when it comes to office space. We spend many hours a day in an office, so why not make it more welcoming? 


Many companies are adopting this mentality when considering an office refresh, including aspects such as natural light, accent colors, and open space. And many companies are adding new ways for employees to relieve stress. For example, it’s become common for offices to have games, exercise machinery, TVs and updated appliances in the workplace. 


Promote Collaboration

Setting up a collaborative workspace is essential for improved productivity. These spaces allow employees to engage with one another and share ideas to ensure their projects are as effective as possible. Incorporating furniture and ambiance that promotes open discussion is valuable to one’s company.


When adopting new office designs to enhance collaboration, businesses may look to open space and comfortable furniture. Organizations may adopt soft sofas, large tables, and boards for brainstorming in naturally lit rooms to promote team building. These settings are great to exchange ideas and share news on what is going on in the company. 


Adopt Sustainable Building

Many employees, especially the millennial workforce, value companies who promote social responsibility. This not only affects how they purchase products but where they work as well. According to Hackrea, many people prefer natural colors and materials in their office designs, so by adopting plants, wooden furniture, glass objects, and prominent natural colors, employees will feel more relaxed in their office.


Furthermore, companies are adopting sustainable practices in the technologies and utilities they use. These practices include water conservation, using LED light bulbs, and incorporating a recycling program in their operations. In doing so, employees will feel good knowing the company they work for is being environmentally responsible.


Promote Individuality

Businesses have an opportunity to show employees and clients just who they are. This may involve displaying new works of art, awards earned, graphs, personal symbols, and pictures of the company’s history. These steps create a sense of individuality in the office and demonstrates the kind of company they strive to be.


A Successful Office Design Start With the Right Location

As one of Arizona’s top commercial real estate companies, Plaza Companies understands the importance of office designs in the workplace. We also know that having the right space allows for greater flexibility when arranging the look of an office. With a large portfolio of properties, we have real estate that is ready for any design. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the right office for your business.

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