5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Space

While upgrading your office space might not seem like an immediate priority for your business, making workplace innovations can actually improve your overall business performance. Our physical surroundings can have a large impact on how we feel and behave. For your employees, office space is more than just a place to sit and work. It promotes innovation, productivity, engagement, and growth. 

Plaza Companies has been one of Arizona’s leading commercial real estate firms for almost 40 years. One reason for this is our extraordinary insight into real estate trends that help to meet your business’s needs. Our real estate expertise is one of the many reasons investors come to us for innovative solutions. Read our article below to learn how companies can innovate their office space.

Establish a Unique Culture

The employees of almost any business put in hours of hard work every day. One of the best ways to help employees regroup and regain focus is by creating a unique and fun environment. Adding some playful elements to your offices, such as AV equipment, a pool table, or board games, will enhance employee productivity, mood, and creativity. These elements will also enhance innovation in the workplace. Studies have shown that play directly stimulates nerve growth and emotional processing, which are essential to driving innovation. 

Be Flexible

Many employees are tasked with critical and creative thinking. Making their workspace just as agile can lead to employees feeling empowered and embracing their knack for innovation. From desks to chairs, couches to tables, employees should have the ability to mold their workspace into what they need at that moment. Something as simple as adding handles and visual cues to furniture establishes the idea that employees are free to configure the space to fit their needs. Whether it’s group brainstorming or quiet time away from their desk, a flexible workspace encourages employees to create an environment that makes them feel comfortable and therefore more inspired.

A Great Office Environment is Good For the Environment

Going green can have many benefits for your office space ranging from office culture to visual appeal. Considering the environment when innovating your space is a concept important to many and can set a positive tone for employees within the workspace. Considering environmentally friendly furniture and practices when making other innovations to your space can make changes even more effective.

You might also consider adding indoor plants to your workspace. Indoor plants, vertical gardens, and even courtyard landscaping, are believed to enhance employee productivity and relieve workplace stress. Plants add a pop of color to a space as well as detoxify the environment.

Technology is Key

From communication to finding information, technology has enhanced the way that we do things across the board. Adding elements of technology to your office space can help with employee productivity, enhance creativity, and improve communication. Some examples of helpful workplace technology are: 

  • The Internet of Things (IoT): This includes a range of internet-connected appliances and tools. Incorporating this can connect the technology in your office to help your employees get things done faster and easier. This could include a supply-room shelf that notifies you when it’s time to order more paper or lights that you can program to change throughout the day.
  • Smart glass: Smart glass offers employees the ability to change the tint of the glass using their phone or computer. They can limit sun exposure or make a meeting room more private. 
  • Digital whiteboards: All of the functionality of a traditional whiteboard can now provide other features that improve workflow. Digital whiteboards can act as interactive displays or computer monitors. 

Make it Collaborative

We’ve all heard that two heads are better than one. Brainstorming and sharing ideas help innovation and creativity flow freely in the workplace. It is important that your office design encourages collaboration. Work tables and seating arrangements where team members can meet as a team can encourage positive communication.

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