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SkySong: Shaping the Future of South Scottsdale

When done well, revitalization efforts breathe new life into once-dormant properties, serving as sources of inspiration, stimulation and economic vitality for the entire community Perhaps no development or construction project in recent...
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How Technology Expands Patient Access to Health Providers

Technology has long had a hand in advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes, and the trend continues today Just as new technologies have led to the development of new vaccines, treatment methods and similar medical...
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Understanding the Ins & Outs of Leasing Medical Office Space

A medical office lease differs from a traditional office lease in a number of important ways For starters, doctors tend to remain in their offices longer than other professionals, so if you are on the hunt for new office space, you likely...
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Medical Office Leasing: Terms You Need to Know

After paying your staff, your office space may be your biggest business expense So, during medical office leasing, it’s always a good idea to negotiate the most favorable terms you possibly can Just as your patients know to turn to you,...
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Pros & Cons of Various Options for Leasing Medical Office

You typically have three options when it comes to leasing medical office space: direct leasing, subleasing and traditional timesharing Each leasing option brings with it benefits and drawbacks that may impact your decision Developing a...
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5 Mistakes Doctors Make When Leasing Medical Office Spaces

The process involved in leasing medical office space differs broadly from that which comes with leasing a traditional office space Selecting an office space for your medical practice involves special considerations Many people make...
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The Golden Rules of Medical Office Management

A medical office manager typically has to keep multiple balls in the air at all times, so it’s a job that requires high levels of organization, responsibility and attention to detail When done well, medical office management leads to a...
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