When is The Best Time to Start a Commercial Lease?

While location is everything when it comes to commercial real estate, the timing for starting a commercial lease is just as important. Knowing when it is best to begin searching for a new commercial location or moving your business somewhere else is a delicate matter, especially in an ever-changing market. 

Navigating the timing process of commercial leasing is what we’re going to focus on. There are many dynamics at play and it’s crucial to gain a better understanding prior to making any long-term leasing decisions. 

What Impacts the Timing of Commercial Leasing?

Leasing a new commercial property location comes with several unique industry variables. Unlike residential leasing, commercial leasing is more complicated and could impact the trajectory of your long-term business goals. 

For example, you may require additional space unexpectedly during your lease due to increased business demand or any other alteration. Leasing a commercial property often requires a significant amount of preparation before taking the leap and moving your business into the facility. The location of your new prospective commercial location might check all the boxes, but you will need to factor in the timing of getting the location adequately prepped and ready for move-in. 

Why Six Months is Ideal to Begin Searching

Six months is typically the general rule when it comes to leasing a commercial property. It’s a good amount of time to work out all the aspects of your new commercial location. It gives you enough time to thoroughly research not only your ideal location, but zero in on viable options with the leasing details analyzed and knowing exactly what will go into making the transition financially, and in terms of your timeline. 

Although the timing of everything can always take longer or shorter than expected, six months is an ideal time for everyone involved in the transition process to take action. Once a commercial lease is signed, improvements can be made and this amount of time allows for contractors, space planners, etc. to do the work depending on how much change is needed. 

Multiple Commercial Property Location Tours are Best

Taking more than one tour of a commercial property is always best when figuring out the timing of your next property location. While new and innovative touring via virtual reality and virtual tours is convenient, if you are able to tour in person, you should do both or take multiple tours in whichever way is most convenient. 

Taking multiple tours of a location you are becoming increasingly more interested in, helps you spot things you might have missed during your first tour. Asking more questions and getting more detailed information reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes and preventable timing errors involved in the process. 

Overall, the best time to start a commercial lease is highly personal to what you need and what is best for your business long-term. Hopefully, after reading through the timing aspects mentioned above, you have a better idea of how to get started and what criteria you need to consider before taking on a new commercial lease. 

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