How Biometrics is Being Used in Commercial Real Estate

Biometric identification in commercial real estate is quickly becoming a must-have for any modern commercial real estate property. Biometric data files help businesses improve security and overall efficiency on a daily basis. 

This type of unique identifier scans the individual characteristics of a person by facial features, eye patterns in the iris, fingerprints and even voice and vein patterns. Sophisticated algorithms build codes based on the biometric data gathered, and a profile is created for each individual. The following are common ways biometric technology is being used in commercial real estate today and in the future. 

Commercial Properties Granting Access Using Biometrics

Access control is a major responsibility and the reason most commercial properties are starting to use biometric authentication. Removing the dependency on cards or other credentials decreases wait times and improves efficiency in those coming into a building and those leaving — both visitors and employees alike. 

For example, on the highly technological side, biometric authentication would allow a security officer wearing augmented reality glasses to view individuals in the building with virtual colors that indicate their authentication status. Green, yellow or red colors would appear upon each individual to determine who has already been granted access, who still needs to be verified and who is banned or trespassing on the property — all seamlessly and in real-time.

Video Surveillance and Biometric Technology

Open-concept commercial environments benefit the most from video surveillance and facial recognition. High-traffic areas should be regularly monitored and identities verified. By strategically positioning video surveillance to regularly perform facial analytics and reporting in real-time, banned individuals would be quietly identified and security would be alerted. 

However, there are more complex legal and privacy concerns raised that commercial property owners should always take into account when considering this type of biometric technology. 

Managing Visitors Using Biometrics

Visitor management systems are challenged to provide more accurate feedback from the data collected and allow or deny individuals access depending on the information obtained and the process followed. 

For example, the future of biometrics in commercial real estate may include pre-authenticating a visitor before arriving at the building and receiving detailed instructions via your smartphone. 

Imagine a more seamless process of obtaining a temporary visitor pass through your phone along with a virtual map showing the elevator, floor level and suite you’ll need to take when you arrive. Visitor biometric identification may be obtained through remote validation. Verifying a person’s identity using webcam face recognition and scanning to compare with their ID allows just that. 

Pre-programmed validation might also be set up for regular appointments, bypassing the need to wait in line and provide identification to a person at a front desk, as is normal practice in many places. 

The Future of Commercial Real Estate 

Implementing biometric authentication technology into your commercial real estate elevates your business to the modern workplace. Undoubtedly, there’s a growing reliance on technology providing advanced capabilities within a company’s security infrastructure. 

More contactless options like these are available when biometrics are used. Advanced security protocols are intended to be more accurate and efficient in processing who is allowed to enter a building and for what purposes they serve either as employees or visitors. 

Forward-thinking commercial real estate developers and investors are interested in the many advantages biometrics offer, including improved security, convenience, efficiency and overall experience. 

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