Commercial Office Design Trends

Elements of Design in Commercial Real Estate

Businesses today are aiming to create an innovative environment within their offices that embraces company culture and vision. And with an ever-evolving landscape of  needs that businesses must face, many companies are looking to incorporate contact-free spaces and wellness-based designs.

Some major trends, including dynamic space  flexibility, natural elements, community spaces, and sustainability inspired design are making significant impacts on the future of work spaces. Let’s explore what these look like.

Dynamic Spaces

Flexible work spaces incorporate movable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements into the office environment. These include features such as  garage doors, movable green dividers, television equipment, or roll-able furniture. These elements can make office space more comfortable and allow for teammates to transform the space to meet their needs in an instant.

Bringing Nature Inside

Using natural elements in commercial office design creates a strong but soothing environment. Natural features provide undeniable character to an office space and communicate an authentic and organic feeling. Wood slat walls use patterns to create depth, while the use of greenery adopts a well-being and sustainable feeling.

Many contemporary office designs incorporate vegetation or wooden features and are designed to foster  a stronger workforce with an environmentally conscious attitude. With millennials now being the largest labor force in the U.S., attracting top talent takes incorporating sustainable elements into your commercial office design.

Building A Collaborative Workforce

paces designed for collaboration between your employees matter as they support balance between brainstorming time  and time with a team. Since we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, having a collaborative and comfortable  workspace inspires creativity.

Successful businesses are creating  more inviting and comfortable spaces and re-imagining office space design to meet the needs of their employees. They utilize features that are similar to that in hospitality, such as collaborative bar seating, soft plush furniture, or a home-like atmosphere. The idea is for employees to take a short break between meetings to clear their minds before work continues.

A good office design concept is an important part of any business. By providing a comfortable workspace for your employees you can expect them to work happier and be more productive.

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