Current Trends Influencing Senior Housing

Senior housing has always been an industry encompassing a broad spectrum of services and facilities. Modern senior living communities usually feature a range of services to meet resident needs, ranging from recreation opportunities to comfortable design to administering healthcare needs. 


But during the COVID-19 crisis, the focus has shifted primarily towards the core healthcare services. Properties that once promoted their luxury and recreational items turned their focus more to health and safety protocols to ensure current and future residents feel safe. The change in approach has created a ripple effect in the industry. 


For almost 40 years, Plaza Companies has been a leader in creating comfortable and safe senior living communities. Read our article below and learn what trends are impacting the senior living industry. 


Senior Housing is Primarily a Healthcare Industry


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, senior living facilities have put more focus on their healthcare capabilities. This includes increased investment in equipment such as HVAC systems to clear the air, enhanced cleaning protocols and significant staff training on best practices for health and safety. 


While the pandemic will eventually pass, it’s clear that residents in these communities are at high risk of potential health issues due to COVID-19, and protecting them is priority #1. While having luxury amenities is definitely enticing, adopting state-of-the-art healthcare capabilities is vital. 


Small Cities are Becoming Hot Spots for Senior Housing Developments

Another catalyst of the COVID-19 pandemic is its influence on where senior living developments are popping up. According to Senior Housing News, the pandemic has led to out-migration from larger U.S. cities to smaller markets. The reason behind this is how seniors are moving to smaller towns to escape high costs of living while enjoying an equivalent quality of care. The biggest influx of new residents during the pandemic included Katy, Texas and Cumming, Georgia


Technology is Enhancing the Senior Housing Experience

The rise of technology has provided us with many opportunities to improve the level of care for residents. In fact, many technology solutions can augment lifestyle and care, while building a stronger workflow for facility staff. This leads to incredible results like better productivity and resident happiness.


Another technology that is invigorating the senior housing industry is tech concierge. Rather than having to train staff on tech support, the concierge will act as a resource to train everyone in the organization and community on tech devices and platforms. Additionally, it can answer questions residents may have relating to specific areas of your tech infrastructure.


Plaza Companies Are Experts in Senior Living Developments

Founded in 1982, Plaza Companies is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in leasing, management, construction, and development of a wide range of properties across multiple industries. Everyone from retailers and senior housing professionals to industrial and medical practices comes to us for our expertise. We are a trusted source for quality properties, thanks to our dedication towards our client’s needs. 

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