Enticing Workers Back to the Office? Here’s What is Working

While many commercial offices remained closed during the shift in remote work and relocation for the past 2 1/2 years, there are still many offices that wish a return to ‘normal’ again. The in-office work culture remains a strong priority for many companies renting commercial space. 


Some remote workers report higher rates of burnout due to the lack of clear work-home boundaries as well as increased feelings of loneliness and isolation. But it may still take some coercive strategy to entice workers back into the regular office environment.


What’s Working to Bring Workers In-Office Again?

Gauging how much commercial office space is worth renting can be tricky in these post-pandemic times. However, when you are paying rent for your commercial property and wish for your employees to return to the office, some emerging trends appear to be working. 


Fostering a Fun, Welcoming, and Engaging Office Environment 

Office rental occupiers are more likely to return to work when you’ve cultivated an enjoyable work environment to return to. It makes sense that workers would be reluctant to return to the stoic and stale confines of their cubicles and other monotonous office environments. 


Focus on  their overall work environment experience and how to make their office experience more appealing than at home. Commercial office tenants must think about what their remote employees enjoyed about working from home and try to incorporate some of those aspects into their office properties. This is crucial when strategizing ways to bring workers back into the office on a regular basis.


Get Serious About Snack Stations

One bonus of remote work is having easy access to your own refrigerator and grabbing a snack whenever you need to refuel and focus. Offices can learn from this and accentuate their appeal to new and existing workers by making this a top priority. 


In the long term, keeping a strong beverage and snack area is a small investment offering big rewards. Office workers are more likely to feel at home, taking quick breaks and working in a more loosely managed environment. 


Focus on Team Collaboration

Remote workers often feel as though they are missing out on the fun and excitement of working in person when office celebrations are held and other functions are hosted in the office. It is in your best interest as a commercial property tenant to focus on creating a sense of community and connection at your office. Doing so helps draw remote workers back into the office since it speaks directly to one of their major pain points— loneliness and isolation.


Remain Flexible and Open-Minded

The pandemic has impacted countless employees across the globe. It’s helpful to remain flexible and open-minded to hybrid options or to allow select remote accommodations for certain team members. While many workers crave the connection they receive at the office, not everyone can bounce back into the office routines as before. 


Leading with empathy helps those that are making an attempt to adjust or who are struggling to keep up with the shift in work environment expectations.


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