How Do Companies Choose Their Corporate Headquarters?

Your corporate headquarters will have a tremendous impact on the future of your company. When businesses choose where to plant their flag, the process typically involves identifying key things such as client/employee accessibility, local markets, and the ability to form new partnerships with suppliers and vendors. However, many other factors play into how businesses choose where to place their headquarters.

Plaza Companies has been one of Arizona’s leading commercial real estate firms for almost 40 years. One reason for this is our extraordinary insight into real estate trends that help to meet your business’s needs. Our real estate expertise is one of the many reasons investors come to us for innovative solutions. Read our article below to learn how companies choose their corporate headquarters.

Demographics Plays a Large Role in Corporate Headquarters Locations

Whenever you’re deciding on a place to invest your business in, you need to consider local demographics. Maybe you’re an up-and-coming corporation looking to capture fresh ideas from young professionals; maybe you’re looking for more extensive experience with baby boomers; or maybe you’re working towards building up a certain community. Whatever it is you’re looking for, identifying local demographics is key to reaching your goals.  

Convenience Opens Many Opportunities

Another factor that comes into play when deciding the location of one’s corporate headquarters is convenience. This is extremely important not only to attract new business, but it’s also a huge factor in attracting and retaining your employees. Nobody likes a long and difficult commute. 

Think of it like this: how do you want your customers to find you? Many businesses rely on foot traffic and easy visibility to appeal to new customers. It’s going to be hard If you’re located far from a heavily populated area. Making it easy and convenient for people to find you and come to work is extremely important when choosing an office space. 

Does The City Match Your Corporate Headquarters Culture?

Culture is what makes a corporation unique. Things like ethics, values, vision, work environment, and behaviors can significantly impact a business’s image and ability to attract and retain employees. Cities often have their own identities and cultures that resonate with their people. 

A company that invests in a property in a particular city will generally attract customers and staff who emulate what that city is all about. Think of how different a place like Dallas, Texas is compared to a metropolis like New York City. They’re both full of people with significantly different cultures surrounding them. Imagine what each could do for your corporate headquarters.

Be Where the Competition Is – There’s a Lot of Great Talent There

For many industries, being near competition can be devastating due to oversaturation. However, this is rarely the case for corporate headquarters. When you’re located near other industry leaders you can benefit from things like:

  • Access to an assortment of qualified employees.
  • Better leverage when it comes to negotiating taxes and other incentives.
  • You’re part of an acclaimed community (think Silicon Valley for tech, or Madison Ave. for advertising).

Think of Long-Term Costs for Your Corporate Headquarters

Another important thing you need to consider when deciding on where to locate your headquarters is the property’s ongoing expenses. This can include everything from rent and maintenance to utilities and insurance rates. Additionally, you may need to set aside time to research local statutes and zoning laws that can affect your company’s overhead.

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