How Drones are Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Process

The commercial real estate industry is experiencing a huge technological shift in recent years. Through innovations such as remotely operated commercial drones, the entire process of commercial real estate is being reinvented in a way that allows potential buyers and tenants to view properties from new perspectives and from anywhere on the globe. 

New tech is an exciting opportunity to leverage, especially in the commercial real estate space. They offer unique viewpoints that are game changers for anyone looking to invest or potentially lease a desirable property.

Benefits of Using Drones in Commercial Real Estate

The following drone benefits are setting a new standard for what is expected in commercial real estate. 

Compelling  aerial footage: There are angles and footage you just can’t capture using a regular camera. There’s no competition when compared to using a commercial drone. A drone really is a fascinating advantage when capturing detailed imagery of commercial property that would otherwise never be seen. 

Not only can drones capture still images but also amazing videos, including 360-degree panoramic views. All these images are great ways to showcase property for sales and marketing purposes

Safety: Gathering important photos and videos of commercial real estate requires a great deal of safety. Drones ensure you remain safe while they reach the heights and capture areas that would otherwise be physically unsafe. It is also safer when evaluating or inspecting commercial properties after a major storm. 

If the structures are weak and unstable, it’s safer to analyze the damage from a drone than risk making it worse or hurting yourself. 

Detailed precision: Along with safety, you have reliable footage. Precision and accuracy are important when viewers are unable to visit the property in person. Relying on image quality is crucial for making these types of decisions about commercial real estate.

Overhead site maps: Showcasing a commercial property for any reason calls for having all available angles at your disposal. Drones enable you to capture valuable footage from overhead. These overhead site maps help developers, investors, and anyone else in the process have a more clear understanding of the location and all other relevant details. 

The straight-down imagery helps you grasp the layout, square footage, any renovations that may be necessary, environmental surroundings and so much more. It is a major piece of the puzzle that cannot be overlooked.

Increasing Productivity: Real estate hit a huge obstacle following the recent pandemic. Not only have we seen massive shifts in demographics moving to other parts of the country, but also the increased difficulty viewing properties in person. 

Drones help maintain and increase overall productivity that would otherwise hinder transactions and stall the entire process for those who aren’t visiting the property. Drones are able to safely gather and distribute detailed information that is vital to the step-by-step process of commercial real estate.

Undoubtedly, drones are paving the way for more technological integration in the processes of commercial real estate. Getting on board with the trends is the best way to ensure you maintain productivity and an edge over your competitors. 

Drones are a superior method when considering the safety of property inspections, the advantages of overhead site maps, and the convenience of new technology. It’s important to keep in mind these advantages as you make decisions to bolster your involvement in commercial real estate. 

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