How Hybrid Work Environments Affect Property Management

The amount of hybrid work environments continues to be higher than pre-pandemic levels. Commercial property management is undoubtedly affected by the demand for more hybrid workplaces. 

These part-time remote and part-time in-office styles are changing the game for property managers and how spaces attract long-term tenants. One thing is for sure: workers are increasingly interested in remote and hybrid environments as we step into the future of CRE property management. 

How Hybrid Appeals to Both Property Managers and Workers

A hybrid workplace is not only appealing to the modern-day worker but also has benefits to property management. Let’s explore why this is so. 

How hybrid workspace appeals to workers— 

Hybrid workers get to enjoy the best of both worlds with the conveniences of being at home as well as the office when those days align. Many workers report feeling more productive when flexibility is implemented in their places of work. Work-life balance is one of the most important aspects reported by employees looking for places to work. Employers seeking to attract and retain quality team members are making hybrid work environments available. The advantage of having part-time access to the office enables workers to feel more connected as a team and allows for face-to-face meetings with clients and team members during this time. 

How hybrid workspace appeals to property managers—

With fewer days of tenant occupancy, there is a reduced chance of wear and tear to a commercial real estate property. Property managers have an opportunity to revitalize their properties with sustainable, green-building additions which help improve long-term value and functionality. 

Accommodating a hybrid world continues to be somewhat of a challenge. Only time will reveal its impact on the global workforce structure and commercial real estate as a whole. 

Property Management and Hybrid Workspaces

Property managers working with this model are more successful when leaning into the changes instead of resisting them. 

What does this look like? 

For example, property managers should enable the building’s infrastructure with the technology capabilities to accommodate a hybrid team. Layouts with conference rooms suited for a mixture of in-person and online participation are a huge plus these days. Constructing and modifying existing layouts to attract ‌flexible hybrid occupancy is worth the investment. On-site amenities combined with digitizing the building for fail-proof connectivity keep the flow of business practices at high performance levels. 

Every commercial real estate tenant needs to know their property management group is onboard with the trends that are impacting the commercial real estate space. 

Hybrid Health and Wellness in Commercial Real Estate

When team members are required to be in the office, they are more likely to be attracted to property locations that support their health and wellness. Properties that include indoor-outdoor space, gym amenities or mixed-use spaces with healthy eateries nearby are all part of the new model for successful long-term leasing. Hybrid workers are more likely to continue with organizations located in buildings that enable personal health and wellness. 

Implementing changes to accommodate the future of property management is a wise choice across the scope of property management. 

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