How Modern Office Designs are Breaking Tradition

Traditional office spaces have been turned upside down over the past few years, making many question what the future looks like for modern office designs. It’s a fair question given the demand for more flexible options and new trends encouraging a return to the office. 

How have pandemic disruptions influenced the way commercial properties are designed and utilized? 

That’s what we’ll be exploring in more detail below.

Second-Guessing Functionality in Modern Office Designs

Is functionality better in office designs? That’s how most traditional models were set up. Functionality seemed to dictate the layout of office furniture and department locations. Open floor plans with rows of desks were functional and intended to boost performance due to the time spent working at the office. The concept centered around staff and employees working together under the same roof as a way to maximize performance. 

However, the pandemic revealed through many studies that offices didn’t lose on performance and productivity during this time, instead it increased in many cases. Companies were able to maintain or improve their performance metrics when allowing workers to work remotely or hybrid as opposed to the traditional model. 

Since the feelings were mixed among employees who missed the in-office setup and those that did better remotely, commercial offices are having to adjust to these new changes.

Why Flexibility in Office Design Matters?

Businesses are challenged to rethink what is and is not working in terms of their approach to retaining an active and engaged workforce. The future of office space design is largely dependent on its flexibility toward workers. While many workers who’ve gone remote have no plan to return to the standard office environment, many are ready to return to their previous routine.

Not all workers and employers are eager to jump right back into the traditional office environment as before. They’ve discovered higher productivity is possible when workers are allowed the flexibility that works best for them. 

What Else is Important for the Modern Office Space?

Besides valuing flexibility and supporting a greater work-life balance as a company, other factors are equally important in the design and layout of the modern office. Instead of prioritizing functionality, offices need to design their layout to support social interaction and collaboration. 

Relationship building is an important aspect that many workers need to re-establish. It helps improve team cohesion and morale. Setting up a modern office environment with more face-to-face interaction encourages retention for employees who’ve felt isolated, socially detached, or had to relocate and start over. 

Creating Company Culture and Values that Match 

As the dynamics of how work gets done has changed, so have many of the priorities of leaders, managers and employees. The pandemic caused a massive reality check on society to question what matters most to us, and spending time with loved ones and engaging in meaningful work became a new priority world-wide. 

As a result, new office designs that previously had rows of desks may be replaced with more collaborative hubs and breakout areas. Instead of permanent office locations, companies may opt for shared mixed-use developments or other flexible office location hubs. The future of modern office designs is matching company culture and values with flexible, multi-purpose environments where social interaction and work-life balance are prioritized. 

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