How to Make CRE Leases Appeal to Younger Demographics

As more Millennials and Gen-Zers are taking over the workforce and leasing out commercial real estate spaces, making leases more appealing requires the right strategy. The emerging trend of more tenant-centered commercial real estate (CRE) is evolving quickly and driving change across the globe. 

More specifically, the commercial office environment is seeing an increase in change as more reliance is placed on technology integration. 

Keep reading to learn more about how your CRE leases could be more appealing to a younger demographic. 

CRE Leases with Built-in Flexibility

More flexible leasing options help attract CRE tenants who desire more freedom and flexibility in the type of contracts they sign. Keeping an open mind with various types of leases can help prospective tenants form the type of partnership they’re seeking with tenants. 

Does your lease provide the tenant with reasonable flexibility and freedom within the agreed terms and conditions? A younger tenant is more likely to sign a lease that is well-balanced while providing stability and clear expectations. They will also want to know in real-time any updates and notifications that impact their lease or tenancy.

Prioritize Technology at Every Turn

A younger tenant demographic is going to appreciate the simplicity available in tech-driven leasing and management. Be sure you have apps and doc processing capabilities that are completely digital and easy to navigate with as little face-to-face interaction as possible. 

Even if there are any issues that need to be addressed or reported, it’s best if you and your tenant are able to communicate and manage all information via the quickness of digital systems. Tenants want to have control over their amenities as much as possible without having to go through unnecessary paperwork or steps that interfere with the flow of their workday.

What Property Amenities Attract Younger Tenants? 

Besides having a lease that is more appealing, ensuring your amenities are attracting a younger crowd cannot be overlooked. 

So, what is most likely going to convert someone into signing at the dotted line? 

Keep in mind these key factors:

  • Modern designs that are comfortable, inviting, enjoyable and filled with possibilities are going to attract business-focused and creative people that are looking for a space they can work within.
  • Making a communal environment where workers feel a sense of connectivity with nearby businesses and restaurants is a trend that offsets the isolation and silo feeling common in older CRE styles. 
  • Access to nearby gyms, bars, steakhouses and other work-life balance outlets.
  • Industrial design that offers plenty of space and height for multi-use team environments.

You might also consider implementing virtual reality and 3D modeling to allow curious prospects to visually place themselves in the environment and explore the floor plans from a more convenient location. 

Overall, CRE is making adjustments to appeal to younger demographics whose needs and interests are different from more traditional commercial spaces. What is going to attract long-term tenants is keeping up with updates and amenities that resonate with the values of those moving their businesses into your space.

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