Plaza Companies – A Look at The Year Ahead

As we roll into another new year, it’s important to take a look at what upcoming commercial real estate endeavors are lined up. Plaza Companies is proud of the strategic partnerships bringing to life the concepts and design ideas of last year. 

Below, we’ve highlighted three commercial real estate projects we’re working on in 2023. 

State Farm Stadium — District at Sportsman’s Park, Glendale

The West Valley suburb of the Phoenix metro area is expected to have a new mixed-use development this year. The site will be south of the State Farm stadium at 95th Ave. and Cardinals Way. This new development is the perfect opportunity to expand the visitor experience while providing flexibility for office space, retail and other distinct businesses. Consumers and business team members will have the opportunity to enjoy the nearby attractions, creating more jobs for our city and adding to Glendale’s community amenities. 

The project is a collaboration with the city of Glendale and the Arizona Cardinals. Greater economic stability and fiscal impact are expected as new businesses and commerce are attracted to the local community through this project. 

The Arizona Fresh Project

What was once a 140-acre landfill and city park in South Phoenix is getting revitalized into a new, innovative food distribution hub and international market. The Arizona Fresh Project results from Plaza Companies’ partnership with Arizona Fresh Holdings, LLC. This year we are excited to see construction begin to a project for which planning began over four years ago.

Phoenix residents will have approximately 1,500 more job opportunities with open space and retail outlets within the region. This 1.2 million square foot facility will include a food production center, allowing distributors an alternative location to Los Angeles and Texas facilities. 

What exactly does the Arizona Fresh Project include?

The Arizona Fresh Project will include:

  • Food Distribution Hub
  • International marketplace
  • An all-year farmer’s market
  • A brand new community park
  • Modern retail buildings
  • A business park with facilities for agricultural education and research 

Building the Sixth Building at SkySong 

SkySong 6 is the latest expansion of SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, termed the “crown jewel” of this commercial development process which began over a decade ago. This multi-building, mixed-use expansion project is expected to break ground sometime this year. 

There have been many different proposals for how best to utilize this 340-square-foot, six-story building. However, commercial use concepts for SkySong 6 are projected to utilize 25-30% of the available space for offices. Many corporations and businesses are already putting in their leases to secure a spot within the SkySong complex. Interest in this highly anticipated expansion has attracted hopeful tenants in the industries of technology, health care, engineering, computer software firms and professional service groups.

Plaza Companies expects to break ground sometime this year, with the completion of SkySong 6 to be completed about a year and a half after construction begins. 

It’s exciting to see these commercial real estate development projects take shape over the years and make their way to the finish line. 

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