Project Spotlight: SkySong

SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center is one of the premier economic engines in the Southwest. The project has been one of Plaza Companies’ signature achievements and it continues to generate significant economic growth. We’re honored to share with you the details that make SkySong an economic powerhouse in the community. 

What is SkySong?

Located at the intersection of McDowell and Scottsdale Roads, SkySong is one of Arizona’s most advanced mixed-use developments. SkySong is a 42-acre property that invigorates collaboration and innovation among high-profile technology enterprises and researchers. Additionally, SkySong helps advance the global business objectives of on-site enterprises, and as a result, has emerged as a strong economic and social asset to the community. The property is promoting a greener future by adopting sustainable architectural features and green initiatives.   

SkySong’s Economic Impact Projected at $52.2B Over 30 Years

The property has been a tremendous source for jobs with outsized effects on economic development in the region. As a result, SkySong is on bound to generate over $58.2 billion in economic impact over the next 30 years. And, SkySong creates even more value as a brand that represents innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. 

Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies, describes the project as “an intersection where an exceptional public-private-university partnership has been created to spur economic growth for an entire region.”

“Its focus on innovation and technology has set it apart in the marketplace and made it one of the most attractive destinations in the country for a broad spectrum of companies,” Harper said. “The vision for the project and the exceptional execution of that vision are what sets SkySong apart.”

The Mixed-Use Development is Adding Medical Uses

Recently, SkySong has announced that Cigna Medical Group will be opening a new health center in its SkySong 4 building. The medical center will accept new and existing patients and plans to provide several services, including family medicine, diabetes care, and an on-site pharmacy. 

The health center will be in a convenient, central location to allow the Cigna Medical Group to grow in a modern, comfortable setting. Moreover, its partnership with the property creates an opportunity to elevate the region’s delivery of quality healthcare. This results in a healthier community with strong support for their medical needs. 

SkySong 5 is A LEED Certified Green Building

In coordination with efforts in making the property one of the region’s most innovative hubs, the SkySong development team is working towards a greener future. We’re happy to announce that SkySong 5 has earned the prestigious LEED Gold certification for its sustainability and environmentally friendly construction. The other four office buildings at SkySong received LEED Silver certification.

LEED — Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — is a certification program that sets the standards for environmentally responsible construction in the U.S. As a result, buildings are based on the number of points they earn across the categories of green building, such as energy, water, indoor environment, location, and materials. 

Plaza Companies Is a Premier Commercial Real Estate Firm

Plaza Companies began in 1982 with a drive to provide excellent real estate services for a range of industries. From leasing and management to construction and development, we’ve had our hands in many innovative commercial projects in Arizona. SkySong is one of those properties, and we’re excited to see it grow as one of Arizona’s premier mixed-use developments. Contact our representatives today to learn more about our services.

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