3 Safety Trends That Are Impacting Commercial Construction Projects

The commercial construction industry is in a reemergence after experiencing a turbulent 2020. The COVID-19 crisis put many projects on hold and the ones that continued adapted their operations to protect employee health. Moreover, construction companies must continue protecting employees from common injuries like falls and electrocutions. Meeting all these needs involves implementing safety measures that incorporate protective equipment, new technology, and many other solutions. As one of the top construction and management companies in Phoenix, here are a few trends we’ve noticed.  

Commercial Construction Projects Must Follow CDC Guidelines

Many construction companies are deemed essential in several states, meaning they can continue to build but must follow CDC guidelines onsite. Consequently, some companies are facing restrictions on how many workers can be on a job site. Additionally, workers are required to wear proper face masks to protect themselves and keep their fellow workers safe. The emphasis on cleanliness by cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces has increased during the pandemic. 

Employers must ensure workers practice proper hand hygiene to protect against the spread of the virus. This involves regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. 

Commercial Construction Projects Call for New Technology

Another trend we’re seeing in the commercial construction industry is new and innovative technologies to protect employees. One example is wearable tech. Sensors are placed in hard hats, work boots, and watches to alert people if there is an accident or if someone is experiencing fatigue. Construction companies are also enlisting robots to transport heavy or hazardous materials, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. 

Greater Education and Training on Safety

It’s important to train and educate employees on proper safety procedures while on the job site. Signage and written material in visible places on the worksite will further reduce accidents. During the health crisis, some companies are training their employees on activities to help them stay safe from the coronavirus. Some of these activities include social distancing, wearing proper protective equipment, and minimizing its spread. 

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