Who Said Senior Living Couldn’t Be A Relaxing Way to Live?

People are living longer and focusing more on bettering the last half of their lives. Seniors are staying more active and leading healthier, more social lifestyles in a way that they may not think is compatible with traditional senior living. There still may come a time in life when it becomes necessary to get extra help to care for yourself or a loved one. Luxury and resort retirement communities leave older adults with some of their best living to do after retirement. 

Plaza Companies has been one of Arizona’s leading senior living development firms for almost 40 years. Read our article below to learn how senior living is providing additional benefits through resort-style communities. 

What is Resort Senior Living?

In recent years, the housing options for seniors have expanded tremendously. Traditional nursing homes were followed by assisted living facilities, and now senior resort-style communities add many more choices to the mix. The resort-like facilities are geared toward senior living, but the amenities and supportive services offered by each community make them unique.

Resort senior living can give older adults the independence that many desire while still maintaining a high level of safety. They have the ability to live in their own personal apartment while enjoying activities and benefits they wouldn’t get at home. 

Finding Your Community at Senior Living Properties

Loneliness can lead to other serious mental and physical health issues, including depression, anxiety, and dementia. As we age, it is equally, if not more important to have regular social connections with people that we care about. Even into our older years, spending time with friends and family while engaging in social activities is essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Luxury retirement communities often have active social calendars so that residents can pick and choose the days and times they want to be social. At a senior living resort, you can enjoy socializing with others your own age during Happy Hours and outings like trips to museums and shopping excursions.

Senior Living That Helps You Stay Active

Staying active in your later years has significant benefits. Exercise can positively impact our physical health in many ways, as well as our emotional and mental wellbeing. According to the National Council on Aging, exercise after 60 can prevent bone loss, relieve osteoarthritis pain, prevent chronic disease, and ease anxiety and depression.

Luxury retirement communities expand your options for staying active in your retirement years and work hard to help keep their residents active for longer. They may offer attractions like golf or fitness studios and exercise classes for all fitness levels. These facilities can also help to create well-balanced meals that make an active lifestyle possible by considering what nutrients are most important for a resident’s well-being. 

Luxury Still Covers The Basics

While resort-style amenities can make for an enjoyable senior living experience, the most important part of any retirement community is safety and security. As we age, our safety in our own homes becomes more of a concern. Having around-the-clock care at a retirement living community can put the mind of seniors, and their families, at ease. While luxury residents enjoy many benefits, they also take precautions to be safe in case of a fall or other medical emergency.

Plaza Companies is Arizona’s Leading Senior Living Developer

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