Business Strategy For Real Estate Post COVID-19

Whether you’re a property owner or tenant, your office needs will likely change over the coming weeks and months as increased implications from the outbreak of COVID-19 become part of our ongoing reality. Plaza Companies is here to provide you with resources for you and your employees to navigate through these unprecedented times. Necessary steps for creating a safe office environment include providing employee support and updating office designs are necessary steps for business success.

New Business Operations

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses have operated in both the short term and for the foreseeable future. But business owners have adapted in mere months to changes that would ordinarily take years. Some companies say this pandemic has pushed them into a future that they had envisioned unfolding slowly over years. And for many companies, online and work-from-home operations have worked well — raising the possibility of a significant portion of our workforce telecommuting. So how does this impact leave commercial real estate?

Companies must adapt to the times to keep their offices running smoothly and ensure employee safety. New real estate strategies should focus on creating flexibility during our new normal. Some tactics that will help with your office environment include:

  • Working Remotely – Companies are expanding their work-at-home policies in order to create cost savings and promote safety. This could have an impact on your company’s need for rentable space.
  • Energy Conservation – With fewer people in the office, companies may have an opportunity to reduce energy use in their office space to save money.
  • Lease Extensions – Both tenants and property owners may have an opportunity to take advantage of the economic climate to strike long-term lease extensions.
  • Employee Support – Keep social distancing in mind in laying out your office environment to reduce both risk and workplace anxieties
  • Adapt By Updating Office Design: Altering your office design can help to ensure employee safety and a pleasant work environment. Key changes companies are already enacting include more space between employee desks, increased sanitation of common areas, and flexibility in working conditions.

Plaza Companies is Your Expert In Creating the Right Office Environment for Your Company

The COVID-19 crisis has created new challenges in making office space both efficient and effective, and the rise in telecommuting promises to impact office space for the foreseeable future. 

Our brokers can help you find the middle ground, combining a short commute with a team-oriented environment. As your broker, we can offer your flexible, scalable solutions as well as options for traditional leases that allow you to meet the needs of your company. 

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