The Future of Commercial Real Estate and Sustainability

Commercial real estate (CRE) has a direct influence on the environment around us. Taking measures to improve and prioritize sustainability leads to a brighter and more successful future in many ways. 

Currently, commercial buildings typically contribute to nearly 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Almost half of energy consumption in the United States is associated with the commercial real estate environment. Building and developing commercial real estate has always been a future-focused endeavor. Designing buildings for a myriad of purposes requires future forward considerations 30 to 50 years ahead. 

By implementing sustainable infrastructure with environmentally friendly features throughout, the commercial real estate environment is contributing directly towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability is Non-Negotiable for the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate has an obligation to participate in a ‌healthier environment by implementing sustainability. Developing sustainable commercial real estate and making conscious changes to existing structures is more than an opportunity; it’s a necessity. 

The commercial real estate industry is known for its ability to serve multiple purposes within communities. Providing structural changes that reflect a greener initiative in commercial real estate projects is one of the best ways to support a more environmentally healthy future.

Higher Environmental Standards in Commercial Real Estate

What do the environmental standards in commercial real estate look like? Well, for starters, retrofitting existing commercial real estate will be critical as more corporations and investors are seeking environmentally friendly environments. Energy performance is facing tighter regulations that test and report CO2 emissions. 

CRE Investments are Focusing More on Sustainability

As previously mentioned, CRE investors are increasingly placing a higher value on projects and developments that include and prioritize sustainability. Increased amounts of long-term tenants will likely depend on the environment at the location taking green initiatives. Energy efficiency is important for both the environment and occupants, boosting operational efficiency. This leads to a reduction in expenses and higher building occupancy overall. An environmentally conscious commercial real estate investment is something that benefits our surroundings and enhances the branding and emotional equity that the building is known for.

It’s What’s Expected Moving Forward

Lastly, green initiatives in commercial real estate are becoming more common as more people expect them. Taking every opportunity to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions, saving costs and encouraging tenants to engage with the sustainability of the property all contribute towards a more successful CRE industry in the future. 

Because more employees are working remotely, it is even more important that commercial properties take sustainable measures to prioritize the health and wellness of building occupants and the environment as a whole. 

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the labor force, with Gen-Z following close behind, and are driving trends that impact corporate environmental standards by focusing on societal impact. CRE investors would be wise to align with the values of the tenants and prioritize their social accountability.

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