The Top Benefits of Coworking Spaces

When employees thrive, businesses thrive.  Multiple studies reveal this to be true and it’s why so many companies are expanding their capabilities to better cultivate improved work-life balance for their employees. 

Among these initiatives is the growing popularity of coworking spaces in various commercial real estate locations across the globe.  Coworking spaces are another way to improve employee performance and satisfaction in a person’s working life. 

Why Do Coworking Spaces Work for Commercial Real Estate?

Although the concept of coworking spaces began in 2005 in San Francisco as a solution for remote or freelance workers, it has gained speed in recent years due to its ideal alternative to working from home or from the local cafe. 

However, not everyone has a quiet home with few distractions. The cafe environment does not always feel safe when you have to ask strangers to watch your laptop while you rush to the bathroom or risk losing your seat should you pack all your belongings with you as you use the facilities. 

A coworking commercial environment is created to bring people together who are all facing the same situation.  Like-situation freelancers and remote workers can come together in a simulated office environment that is flexible and safe for everyone. 

What Are Employees Saying About Coworking Spaces?

In a survey that ranked “7” as the highest score for work environment satisfaction, coworking spaces came in at an impressive “6”.  Employees are reporting higher satisfaction and productivity working in commercial properties designed to host coworking spaces for a mix of remote and freelance individuals. 

It has also been found to be a great place for networking.  Individuals are coming together from a wide range of professional backgrounds, getting to know each other, and making valuable business connections.

The Top Benefits of Coworking Spaces

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why coworking spaces are loved by so many and growing in popularity as remote and freelance work increases.  After looking over the benefits, you may want to institute this model for a commercial real estate property investment or if you own a business, promote coworking spaces into the company culture. 

Here are some of the many benefits of commercial coworking spaces:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Allows flexibility in schedules
  • Both private and shared office spaces 
  • Improves work-life balance
  • Saves money from traditional offices
  • Boosts creativity
  • Breaks up the monotony of work routines and environments
  • A safer alternative to busy cafes
  • Improves focus
  • A fast and easy solution
  • Office-like equipment and amenities
  • Worldwide locations 
  • More reliable than cafes
  • Optimal when traveling 
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs or startups

As you can see, the list is long and it continues to grow the more you dig into the details of the many advantages a coworking space can offer.  It is no wonder that commercial real estate investors are creating more opportunities that cater to the changes in work styles.  Keeping an eye on trends such as this one is beneficial and offers commercial real estate an opportunity to grow in demand.

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