Tips on Locating the Best Office Space for Rent

Securing yourself the best office space for rent may take some strategizing at first, but when you get it right, it truly pays off. 

Everyone in the commercial real estate business knows that location is everything. There really is no way around it. Getting started is often the hardest part, but with the right tools at your disposal, you’ll find the perfect spot to set up shop.

Getting Started Locating Your Ideal Office Space for Rent

The following pro tips are intended to help you avoid a painful and stressful process and expedite your overall office leasing experience. 

  • Make a Budget and Research Pricing Online

The very beginning stages of finding the best office space for rent are determined by what is affordable. This is going to be the deciding factor as you start out. You need to have an idea of what you are able to afford in office leasing along with your ideal location. Start by searching the internet to see what’s available and for how much. 

Visiting commercial leasing sites offers you an educated guess at what’s out there. Search by type of property, square footage, and amenities that you might need. You’ll also be able to see demographic information, location details, and nearby offices that could be a good fit for you. For example, an office rental located near a UPS store or other shipping service you’ll utilize frequently is a great benefit.

  • Drive and walk the area you are most interested in

There is nothing like getting a true sense of an area through in-person visits. Driving and walking the streets that appear ideal for your office is one of the best ways to research and plan wisely. The internet is good for initial ideas, but seeing the area up close and seeing how easy or difficult it is to locate the office is best done in person. 

Walking offers specific advantages over driving when searching for commercial leases. Driving may cause you to miss rentals that have great potential. Pay attention to buildings with boarded-up windows or those that have no cars parked during peak business hours. Also, leasing signage may be more visible walking past a property than driving by it. 

These signs may be posted on the doors or windows that you only notice when you’re on foot. You might even be able to catch the property owner or get details from nearby tenants. This strategy is also great when discovering a hidden gem that’s not listed in online databases.

  • Keep a running list of your options

Organize your options and keep a running list that you update frequently. You could do this in a spreadsheet and prioritize the ones you want to investigate further. If you choose to hire a broker, you can offer them the list you created in your initial process, along with the reasons they stood out to you. 

  • Consult or hire a commercial real estate broker

Commercial office rentals don’t always have the most reliable data listings available online. Finding the right property is often more complex and time-consuming when you’re unsure where to begin. Consulting a commercial real estate broker offers a more efficient way of sifting through what’s available and narrowing down your search until you find the best fit. 

These brokerage firms are exclusively dedicated to searching for and leasing out commercial properties including office rental space. They will have the inside scoop on what’s beecoming available through their constant contact with property owners, management companies, and other brokers. 

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