Top Medical Office Design Trends To Watch For In 2021

The new year is upon us, and many health professionals will consider moving their practice into new medical office space in 2021. Like all offices, healthcare facilities should be inviting for guests and employees, not to mention efficient in facilitating equipment, employees and patients. And with COVID-19 reshaping the healthcare industry, many medical practices will want to invest in revamping their existing facilities or finding new offices that cater to the new healthcare environment. We’ve highlighted a few trends to consider in medical office design.


Patients Demand More Physical & Virtual Experiences

If there is one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that healthcare must be provided in both physical spaces and virtual methods. . With COVID-19 influencing the push for more telehealth visits, it’s also created  a greater emphasis on technology for better patient experiences. Medical office facilities must  not only create more welcoming environments and provide all needed services and equipment, but also create a space where providers can assist patients remotely. 


Integrate More Entertainment

Everyone hates waiting in the waiting room and patients tend to have anxiety while waiting to be called back into the doctor’s office. To ease patients’ frustration while they wait, many medical offices are adding entertainment elements into their practice. 


Open Floor Plans For Dental Offices

One trend that is occurring in the dental industry is more open floor plans. Closed off, private cubicles are being redesigned for more open, spacious treatment areas. These changes open up  the office and create a brighter, less claustrophobic environment. This has worked wonderfully for dental offices, and we expect this design to reach other medical industries in the future. 


Emphasize Concierge Healthcare Services

Another trend we are seeing in the medical industry are practices offering more concierge healthcare. These healthcare services include after-hours access, larger waiting rooms, more luxurious waiting areas, and insurance assistance. Practices that move to this model will need to adapt their offices. This may include updating technology, remodeling rooms, designating secluded rooms, and enhancing patient waiting areas.


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