Why These Office Security Systems Features are Trending

Every business owner works hard to produce a thriving company and deserves the peace of mind knowing it is fully protected against data breaches, physical vandalism, and other forms of malicious intent.

Thankfully, technology is always quickly innovating to accommodate the needs of the end user. Commercial security system technology is no different. It has upgraded and advanced rapidly to provide safer, more effective protection against any type of digital or physical threats to your business. However, there are many office security systems to choose from, and certain systems outperform others. 

Why? What makes these systems more desirable than their competitors?

We thought we’d find out and give you all the details you need to know regarding the best office systems to keep your business thriving in spite of increased theft among business owners

Video Surveillance in Office Security Systems — a Must

Any business owner that currently has outdated or faulty video surveillance systems needs to explore more reliable options immediately. The best business security cameras make all the difference when it comes to your legal protection. You need as much visibility into the whereabouts of staff, customers, strangers and management as possible. Capturing all these interactions could help you determine the sequence of events should a robbery, break-in or data breach occur. 

Business security cameras offer different types of benefits including night vision, panoramic recording and real-time streaming to your smartphone.

Systems with Easy Installation and All-In-One Capabilities

Busy business owners don’t want complicated security systems they need to manage and troubleshoot from multiple locations. Wireless and smartphone connectivity allows for more IoT (internet of things) wireless communication across multiple platforms. Combining multiple steps into fewer, more accessible ones makes it easier to interact with the security system and monitor it. Easier installation is also a huge advantage in newer office security systems. One brand of video surveillance is installed just like a lightbulb and can replace lightbulbs for the fastest installation process. 

VPN and Multi-Factor Authentication 

Digital protection in an office is just as important as physical protection. Businesses large and small are incorporating VPN and MFA now more than ever. The need for more privacy and security has dramatically increased over recent years. 

Here’s what you need to know about these two security features:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) — VPNs offer disguised connections for authorized users connecting to a company’s network or when accessing any public internet. Now that many large and small businesses are accommodating hybrid and remote worker flexibility, VPNs ensure internal networks always remain secure. 

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) — MFAs send verification notifications to an employee’s phone or computer when a company system is trying to be accessed. The additional hurdles MFAs lay out for the user ensure access is only granted when verification is determined. Anyone unable to verify themselves cannot access the network systems directly. 

Securing the privacy of your business, including information stored digitally and in your physical location is pivotal. Unfortunately, data thieves and robbers are becoming bolder in their attempts to take your investment. Quality office security systems are beneficial both now and in the long term for your business and its projected growth. 

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