How to Better Utilize Your Workspace In A Post-COVID-19 Environment

Workspace Utilization

Every industry utilizes its workspace differently. Understanding the needs of your tenants and their employees, as well as how to maximize the usage of your office space, is essential for company success. Capitalize on the right office floor plan and varied workspaces to advance productivity and employee retention, and improve health and wellness in the office in a post-COVID-19 environment.

Whether you have a traditional closed office floor plan, an open space concept, or a hybrid of both, you can optimize your workspace for business prosperity. Productivity is the bottom line for any organization — and here at Plaza Companies, our professionals help you improve your company culture through finding an office space that maximizes and utilizes workspace for employee comfort and performance.

Open Space vs. Traditional Floor Plan

Rigid environments with no thought toward employee comfort and safety are becoming a thing of the past — cramped workspaces negatively affect employee well-being and productivity. Shifting to an open layout has gained steam, with 70% of the offices in the U.S. now having open layouts. 

However, there’s a balance to be had between an open, creative floor plan and a floor plan that promotes productivity and wellness. Open offices create some challenges to productivity, with people having more trouble concentrating where privacy is lessened. And a completely open floor could compromise efforts to promote health and wellness if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Utilize the Right Office Floor Plan For Your Workspace

The first step to maximizing your office floor plan is to measure it correctly based on your employee count through utilization analytics. In addition, keep employee health in mind to improve productivity by measuring social distancing space. Some modern offices have found a solution by providing flexible workspaces, as many employees don’t need to be tied to their desks to be effective.  Recently, the impact of COVID-19 has forced offices to consider flexibility in workspaces and the potential for increased work from home or some hybrid variation of the workplace and home office.

Creative work is enhanced when you blend various types of spaces and furniture that give employees flexibility during the workday. Therefore, implementing activity-based working environments creates an environment where employees are more productive. Quiet rooms, casual lounges for impromptu meetings, adaptable indoor/outdoor spaces, and adjustable desks all add value to your employee productivity and retention efforts. 

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