How Commercial Real Estate is Adjusting to the Hybrid Model

Flexible working patterns are now the ‘new normal’ for many companies these days. From the corporate world to small businesses, there’s been no choice in many cases but to adopt alternative work schedules. The hybrid model offers businesses a slow transition back to in-office and gives employees more flexibility in where they perform their duties. 

Hybrid Commercial Real Estate Trends

Commercial real estate trends are emerging and showcasing the increase in hybrid work environments across the nation. Examine the following trends and consider what steps you might implement to accommodate these changes. 

Consumer-Based Work Areas

More grocery stores, bookstores, and other commercial consumer-based businesses are implementing worker-friendly areas. This includes sections of the commercial space fitted with desks and outlets, offering remote and hybrid workers an alternative to working from home. 

For those days outside the office, hybrid workers may wish to work in a co-working space or any other location catering to their needs. Coffee shops aren’t the only alternative to working from home as it was in the past. As more commercial-consumer businesses embrace this new trend of co-working spaces, they increase community brand awareness and overall potential sales. 

Although migrating back to the office is not as feasible for many employees as it 

once was, more employers are practicing patience and flexibility in the shifting work culture.

Making a hybrid model work for your business looks different for everyone. These differences mainly revolve around what type of focus you wish to maintain with your company.

There are three main types of hybrid models to consider when deciding how best to accommodate a more flexible model that works for everyone.

Office-Focused Hybrid Model

Do you consider the office environment as the primary workplace for your employees? If so, your hybrid model will reflect this. Communicate with your team the importance of in-office attendance for the majority of the week. This could mandate specific days of the week as working in-office with limited amounts at home. 

Most often work attendance will revolve around in-office gatherings and be viewed as an integral part of company culture.

Virtual-Focused Hybrid Model

As a result of this unexpected mass workplace experiment, some organizations found working virtually more effective. It’s opened up opportunities to discover the possibility of boosting production, while decreasing the time and costs associated with working in the office. 

A virtual-focused hybrid model will be evident across the company. The emphasis of the work culture will be centered around virtual meetings and remote collaboration. Working in the office is viewed as secondary and mainly as an on-needed basis.

Blended-Focused Hybrid Model

A balanced hybrid model is one that more equally blends the two. Companies and workers feel a true importance placed on both virtual and in-person work environments. There is some flexibility and some office attendance requirements involved, but neither is over-emphasized. 

However you decide to structure your hybrid work environment, consider what works best for your industry and those you rely on. There are ways to make it work without reducing flexibility or company output. If we’ve learned anything from the recent pandemic, it’s how to adjust and think outside the typical work style box. 

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