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Plaza Companies has been one of Arizona’s leading commercial real estate firms for almost 40 years. Our development and commercial construction management expertise is one of the many reasons investors come to us for innovative solutions for new and existing businesses. One of the properties we developed is SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, which is supporting many companies’ growth with its exceptional facilities and ideal location in Scottsdale. Read our article below to learn more about how SkySong is continuing its growth.

What is SkySong

Skysong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center supports the Phoenix economy by attracting companies ranging from some of the world’s best known brands to one- or two-person startups with its focus on innovation and technology. Companies come to SkySong because of its connection to Arizona State University. When located here they are able to partner with one of the largest public universities in the nation. 

The goal of SkySong is to attract cutting-edge and innovative companies. This 42 acre development is designed to create collaboration among technology enterprises and researchers, help on-site entrepreneurs advance globally, solidify Arizona’s reputation as a key global promoter of innovation, and create a unique regional economic and social asset. SkySong’s innovative approach to research and partnerships is helping it grow an impressive roster of tenants. 

Milestone Funding Reached at Skysong

The startups in SkySongs portfolio have raised $1 billion in external funding for Arizona State University. This large sum of investments is a significant milestone for the University and a notable accomplishment for SkySong, but more importantly the funding has had a major impact on technology advancements made possible at this facility. Innovations driven into the market from SkySong facilities include:

  •  mechanical trees that pull carbon dioxide from the air and capture it for use in construction, agriculture and industry
  • an engineered virus that attacks cancer cells
  • a water-capture company and nanomanufacturing companies
  • several new materials
  • and an enzyme-based solution that cost-effectively reduces dust emissions at construction sites.

ASU research aims to solve some of society’s most pressing problems in health, space exploration, engineering, climate change, and cybersecurity. SkySong has the economic and research experience to manage the process of getting ideas into the world. An independent economic analysis projects that by 2025, Skysong Innovations and its startups will account for more than $1.5 billion in Arizona and $2.3 billion nationwide.

Skysong Welcomes New Companies 

SkySong is home to many impressive startups and established businesses. The innovation center is welcoming two new companies to their base of knowledgeable workers from around the world. SkySong will now be home to offices for NeoGenomics and GetMeHealthcare. NeoGeonomics helps oncologists, pathologists, pharmaceutical companies, and academic researchers to provide better care to patients with cancer. GetMeHealthcare helps individuals and companies find the right fit for health insurance. “These two companies are at the forefront of their industries and it is a great example of the momentum SkySong has in the market,” said Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies. 

Plaza Companies Offers Exceptional Support For All Our Partners

As one of the top Phoenix development services companies, Plaza Companies has developed a diverse range of commercial real estate. Our team of experts ensures our clients’  highest standards are met. We provide exceptional facilities that allow innovation and businesses to flourish. Contact us today to learn more about our properties like SkySong. 


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