Leadership Spotlight: Melissa Annis

With Plaza Companies’ leadership expertise in commercial real estate, it’s no surprise the team consists of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience. Plaza Companies has a proud track record as a competitive and connected real estate firm with partnerships throughout the industries we serve. We’re proud to introduce you to one of our experts, Melissa Annis; a Senior Portfolio Manager at Plaza Companies

Plaza Companies is one of Arizona’s top commercial real estate firms whose expertise leads to incredible results. Whether you’re an investor looking to expand your portfolio or a business trying to find the best spot for your operations, we’re happy to help you. Read our article below to learn about one of our most skilled portfolio managers. 

Who is Melissa Annis?

Melissa has been specializing in the commercial real estate industry for more than 30 years, with specific expertise in retail and office properties. Her superior customer service and management skills have made her a go-to for clients. Throughout her commercial real estate career, she’s managed and helped with over 4 million square feet of retail power centers, neighborhood shopping centers, owner’s associations, and several Class A office properties. 

What Does Melissa Annis Do For Plaza Companies?

As one of Plaza Companies’ Senior Portfolio Managers, she is responsible for managing 9 medical building offices and one HOA property, totaling 173,117 square feet. Additionally, she handles day-to-day operations, prepares operating budgets, property inspections, and monthly and quarterly reports for property owners. 

But her biggest strength is her ability to anticipate and interpret the tenant’s wants and expectations. Her years of experience have enabled her to provide a high level of service that not only creates exceptional properties but builds even better relationships. Melissa believes building a strong relationship with your tenants is key for long-term property success.

She’s an integral part of our operations and our mission towards offering the best commercial real estate in Arizona. We’re honored to have Melissa on our team for her incredible knowledge and dedication towards her clients’ goals. 

Plaza Companies is Phoenix’s Go-To for Quality Commercial Real Estate

For almost 40 years, Plaza Companies has provided industry leaders with quality commercial real estate to meet their needs. Our longevity and quality of service are made possible by our hardworking real estate team. Their knowledge, experience, and commitment to our clients have allowed us to prosper for many years. Contact us today to learn more about Plaza Companies.

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Whether you are looking to us for management, leasing or development services, we can help you find the perfect space. With almost 40 years of experience, you can trust Plaza Companies to assist you with your real estate needs.

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