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How to Better Utilize Your Workspace In A Post-COVID-19 Environment

Workspace Utilization Every industry utilizes its workspace differently Understanding the needs of your tenants and their employees, as well as how to maximize the usage of your office space, is essential for company success Capitalize on...
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Office environment post COVID-19

Business Strategy For Real Estate Post COVID-19

Whether you’re a property owner or tenant, your office needs will likely change over the coming weeks and months as increased implications from the outbreak of COVID-19 become part of our ongoing reality Plaza Companies is here to...
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How to Practice Office Sustainability

Embracing Sustainability in Your Office Companies can find many ways to implement more eco-friendly policies in their offices Starting a sustainability team, creating monthly challenges, turning off equipment at night, embracing renewable...
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Top Commercial Real Estate Lease Negotiating Tips 

Real Estate Negotiating Negotiating a commercial real estate lease can be difficult, but knowing how to approach it helps prevent any negative repercussions for your company in the future Prior to negotiating, it is important to first...
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Commercial Office Design Trends

Elements of Design in Commercial Real Estate Businesses today are aiming to create an innovative environment within their offices that embraces company culture and vision And with an ever-evolving landscape of  needs that businesses must...
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Peggy Maxwell Receives Most Influential Woman Honor

Peggy Maxwell Receives Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate Recognition Peggy Maxwell of Plaza Companies has been selected as one of the Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate for 2020 by AZ Business & AZRE...
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outdoor commercial real estate mixed-use development

What are the benefits of mixed use developments?

Mixed-use developments have a positive impact on communities, the economy and the environment  Plaza Companies has developed some of the most prominent and successful mixed-use developments in the state of Arizona, including SkySong, The...
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Bill Cook Power Broker

Bill Cook Receives CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals Win

CoStar Power Broker Winner for 2020 Bill Cook of Plaza Companies was awarded the Q1 2020 CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals designation, which honors the very best deals in commercial real estate Cook received the recognition for the...
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Opening office post COVID-19

Plaza Companies’ Property Management Guide to Opening Offices

The Property Management Team created a comprehensive guide to preparing offices for returning to work after the stay-at-home order for COVID-19 is...
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How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

The Efficiency of  An Expert Management Company Hiring a property management expert can help alleviate stress associated with serving tenants and help your take the burden of day-to-day operations off your hands Finding out what meets...
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