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How Drones are Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Process

Through innovations such as remotely operated commercial drones, the entire commercial real estate industry is being...
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medical office

What to Look for when Leasing a Medical Office

What makes or breaks your investment in purchasing or leasing a medical office Considerations include space, location, and much...
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Is a Shared Office Space Worth the Investment?

Shared office spaces are becoming more popular in the landscape of commercial real estate They provide creative alternatives for remote and hybrid workers and business leaders needing more flexible, low-cost options  Employers and...
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hybrid model

How Commercial Real Estate is Adjusting to the Hybrid Model

The hybrid model is the ‘new normal' for many companies It offers flexibility and a slow transition back to...
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commercial property management

Top Benefits of Commercial Property Management

Owning a commercial property comes with its own set of unique challenges Keeping tabs on emerging market trends, managing communication with tenants, and keeping up property appearances are just a few of the tasks assigned to a commercial...
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designers working together in an office

Enticing Workers Back to the Office? Here’s What is Working

While many commercial offices remained closed during the shift in remote work and relocation for the past 2 1/2 years, there are still many offices that wish a return to ‘normal’ again The in-office work culture remains a strong...
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People using Rent Collection app

Most Helpful Features When Using Digital Rent Collection Apps

Moving towards fully digital rent collection is not only convenient for everyone but becoming a must in today’s world...
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construction workers looking at a building commercial adaptive reuse

3 Major Benefits of Adaptive Reuse in Commercial Real Estate

Borrowing inspiration from past architectural designs for the sake of modernizing a commercial real estate space can become a form of artwork It requires inspiration from a visionary mind to develop a renovation makeover from start to...
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Analyzing Real Estate Investment

Factors Affecting Commercial Real Estate Investment

Economic cycles and other factors are undoubtedly tied to the success of commercial real estate...
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Analyzing Big Data for commercial real estate

What is Big Data in Commercial Real Estate?

Data collection and analysis are what businesses thrive on for optimizing their daily operations and performance Data analytics in general is intended to identify market patterns, consumer trends, and other valuable industry insights  As...
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