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Man investing in commercial real estate

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Properties 101

Investing in commercial real estate is an exciting venture that can have an extraordinary ROI and new opportunities for greater...
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People working at Corporate Headquarters

How Do Companies Choose Their Corporate Headquarters?

Your corporate headquarters will have a tremendous impact on the future of your company When businesses choose where to plant their flag, the process typically involves identifying key things such as client/employee accessibility, local...
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Commercial property managers

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Property Managers

Your property is the lifeblood of your business and requires extensive attention to facilitate success However, it’s tough managing day-to-day responsibilities while focusing on your investments Fortunately, commercial property managers...
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Medical Office

4 Ways Change in Demand is Affecting Medical Office Designs

If there is anything we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that there is a strong need for increased capacity in healthcare To facilitate this, many practitioners are investing in enhanced medical office designs to help in...
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Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch in Phoenix

Phoenix has been experiencing a boom in growth due to its growing population, diverse economy, and lower-than-national-average rent It’s become home to several Fortune 500 companies and continues to attract industry leaders to build...
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medical office space

Medical Office Space: Is it as Simple as it Seems?

Healthcare providers are an essential part of our lives Most of their success in caring for patients is due to their skill and services, but we think a small part is also due to their medical office space Why Because without the right...
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woman at the door in senior living facility

Senior Living Developers are Focusing on These 4 Trends

America is growing older  According to the US Census Bureau’s National Population Projections, in the next few decades, 1 in every 5 residents will be older than age 65, a number that will outpace those younger than 18 This will be a...
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Real Estate Brokers signing an agreement

Commercial Real Estate Brokers Help Secure Success

Finding a new office building, warehouse, or another type of commercial real estate space for your company can be tricky Between an active market, the specific needs of your company and the desire to find the right location, identifying...
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Park Central

Park Central: A Year in Review

2021 was a very productive year for Park Central despite the continued obstacles the world faces with the COVID-19 pandemic For the last few years, Plaza Companies and Holualoa Companies have been transforming this mixed-use development...
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Park Central is one of Plaza Companies' Mixed-Use Developments

3 Reasons Why Mixed-Use Developments Are Community Boosters

Mixed-use developments are becoming the cornerstone of the commercial real estate industry Their functionality and attractiveness for both tenants and customers can not only make for a successful development, but can help rejuvenate the...
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