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5G is Impacting the Future of Commercial Real Estate

How 5G is Impacting the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Technology impacts business decisions and planning endeavors Explore how 5G technology impacts the commercial real estate...
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Medical Office Design

How Psychology Plays a Role in Medical Office Design

Smells, colors, sounds, furniture, and even the attitudes of the staff have a psychological impact on a medical office...
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5 Key Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Many people fail to realize all the benefits a commercial real estate broker can offer and take advantage of this valuable...
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Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Timing is Everything With Arizona Commercial Real Estate

While location may get all the hype with commercial property investments, what many people fail to realize is that smart investing begins at the time of purchase This is why timing is so important You’ll need to gauge your financial...
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Retail Space

Good Retail Space is Hard to Find: 5 Things to Know

It is important to have the best retail space for your business, but what things should you consider when choosing the perfect real...
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Office Space

5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Space

For your employees, an office space is more than just a place to sit and work It promotes innovation, productivity, engagement, and...
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Luxury Senior living

Who Said Senior Living Couldn’t Be A Relaxing Way to Live?

Seniors are staying active and leading healthier, more social lifestyles that may not be compatible with traditional senior...
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tenant signs lease with tenant improvements

3 Things You Should Know About Tenant Improvements

Some properties allow tenant improvements that can help mitigate building costs But, what exactly is this...
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Man investing in commercial real estate

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Properties 101

Investing in commercial real estate is an exciting venture that can have an extraordinary ROI and new opportunities for greater...
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People working at Corporate Headquarters

How Do Companies Choose Their Corporate Headquarters?

Your corporate headquarters will have a tremendous impact on the future of your company When businesses choose where to plant their flag, the process typically involves identifying key things such as client/employee accessibility, local...
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