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Selecting the Right Commercial Property Location

Commercial Real Estate Selection Process Selecting the right commercial real estate location can be a very time consuming process Knowing your priorities, considering your first impression of the property, finding out about security,...
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What Tenants Need to Know When Seeking Medical Office Space

The medical office marketplace is always in flux, and you need to have a strong understanding of certain aspects of it if you want to find success in a given location Before you settle on a particular clinic, doctor’s office or other...
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What Drives Value in Medical Office Buildings?

Many aspects come into play when determining the value of a particular medical office building, and some of them may change a lot from one year to the next However, some core factors that drive property value for health care real estate...
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Medical Office Leasing: Terms You Need to Know

After paying your staff, your office space may be your biggest business expense So, during medical office leasing, it’s always a good idea to negotiate the most favorable terms you possibly can Just as your patients know to turn to you,...
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