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What Is a Medical Office Building?

As a physician or other type of health care professional, you likely need more features and amenities in your clinic than a typical office space provides Medical office buildings, or MOBs, are office facilities designed specifically for...
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4 Types of Commercial Real Estate Property for Health Care Professionals

These days, doctors, surgeons and other health care professionals typically set up shop in one of four types of settings: in traditional office buildings, on hospital campuses, in medical office buildings or in retail spaces or shopping...
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How Technology Expands Patient Access to Health Providers

Technology has long had a hand in advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes, and the trend continues today Just as new technologies have led to the development of new vaccines, treatment methods and similar medical...
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Pros & Cons of Various Options for Leasing Medical Office

You typically have three options when it comes to leasing medical office space: direct leasing, subleasing and traditional timesharing Each leasing option brings with it benefits and drawbacks that may impact your decision Developing a...
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