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How to Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Broker

When choosing a commercial real estate broker, it is important to make a few key considerations that could be critical to your success Being honest with your own needs, using referrals or the internet, finding an experienced broker, and...
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Today’s Top Medical Office Trends

When you’re looking to lease or buy medical real estate, you need to think about what a property already has and what you might need to do to adapt it for your needs Today’s patients have many options as far as where to receive care,...
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Understanding the Ins & Outs of Leasing Medical Office Space

A medical office lease differs from a traditional office lease in a number of important ways For starters, doctors tend to remain in their offices longer than other professionals, so if you are on the hunt for new office space, you likely...
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5 Mistakes Doctors Make When Leasing Medical Office Spaces

The process involved in leasing medical office space differs broadly from that which comes with leasing a traditional office space Selecting an office space for your medical practice involves special considerations Many people make...
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