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5 Important Things To Consider When Looking For An Office Space

It’s natural for the size of companies to ebb and flow over time With these changes, it is important for companies to also find a workspace that meets their business needs While every company has its own particular needs for office...
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Open office space, returning to the office

How To Stay Healthy When Returning To The Office

Returning To the Office During the Pandemic Many employees have been operating remotely since the pandemic first came about However, the time to return to an in-person work environment is approaching for many employees If you have received...
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doctor holding smart phone, telehealth

How Telehealth will Affect the Future of Medical Offices

 Telehealth has grown significantly as the coronavirus pandemic forced widespread shelter-in-place orders across the country This will affect the future of medical offices as consumers have adapted to the new way of accessing primary...
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Man walking to office space, Workspace software management

Space Planning and Software Management for Post Pandemic Workspace

Workspace management software has been helping companies streamline business processes and maximize their work environments for years Prior to the pandemic, companies were looking to gear towards greater workplace efficiency and space...
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Inside view of modern office building, virtual showings

Virtual & Digital Efforts Increase Real Estate Viewings Amid Outbreak

Self-guided and virtual tours of commercial real estate properties are gaining popularity in the era of social distancing Although they might not entirely eliminate the need for site visits, they give tenants a better idea of the layout,...
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medical office healthcare practice space

Strategic Real Estate Options for Your Healthcare Practice

The healthcare industry employs one out of every eight people in the American economy, making it a driving force for economic growth  In this public health environment, medical providers are likely to expand in new ways that will redefine...
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medical office building MOB leasing

Medical Office Building Development In the Southwest

As baby boomers reach retirement age, the surge in the elderly population is increasing demand for medical office buildings (MOB) leasing all over the US In the Southwest, specifically, the warm climate continues to attract retirees...
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open office activity based office utilize workspace

How to Better Utilize Your Workspace In A Post-COVID-19 Environment

Workspace Utilization Every industry utilizes its workspace differently Understanding the needs of your tenants and their employees, as well as how to maximize the usage of your office space, is essential for company success Capitalize on...
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Office environment post COVID-19

Business Strategy For Real Estate Post COVID-19

Whether you’re a property owner or tenant, your office needs will likely change over the coming weeks and months as increased implications from the outbreak of COVID-19 become part of our ongoing reality Plaza Companies is here to...
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Rounded bench meeting room, office sustainability

How to Practice Office Sustainability

Embracing Sustainability in Your Office Companies can find many ways to implement more eco-friendly policies in their offices Starting a sustainability team, creating monthly challenges, turning off equipment at night, embracing renewable...
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