Park Central Hotels Street View Rendering - site of the Park Central Hospitality Workforce Training

Park Central Hotels to Host New Hospitality Workforce Training Initiative

The Park Central Hospitality Workforce Training program is bringing together a public-private-university partnership to train workers in the hospitality...
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commercial real estate broker

How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate Broker

When it comes to navigating the world of CRE, finding the right, qualified, and experienced commercial real estate broker is...
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public art

The Role of Public Art in Building Community in Commercial Real Estate

In recent years, public art has become a key player in transforming commercial real estate into vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive...
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Real estate planners analyze a blueprint sheet

A Guide to Tenant Improvements in Commercial Spaces

When it comes to leasing or renting commercial spaces, tenant improvements are a crucial aspect to consider...
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Group of small wooden buildings

What is LEED Certification and How to Become Certified

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, the pursuit of eco-friendly building practices has gained significant momentum...
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Finding Your Company’s Ideal Office Space

In the ever-shifting business terrain, the office space you choose may influence many aspects of your company such as productivity, company culture, and the bottom line When it's time to find a new office space, a strategic approach to the...
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8 Quick Tips for Finding CRE Deals

In the world of commercial real estate (CRE), uncovering lucrative deals is the key to bringing in new business Investors, developers, and entrepreneurs constantly seek opportunities to maximize their returns and expand their portfolios...
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How to Develop a Successful Career as a CRE Professional

Commercial real estate offers an exciting and lucrative career path for individuals seeking to enter the dynamic world of property investment, development, and management As the market continues to evolve and expand, the demand for skilled...
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Commercial real estate lease document on desk

Comparing Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Ownership for Business

Commercial real estate plays a pivotal role in the success of businesses, serving as a platform for growth, stability, and profitability When it comes to acquiring commercial property, business owners often face a critical decision: should...
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CRE marketing strategy

Powerful CRE Marketing Strategies for Business Success

In today's competitive commercial real estate market, effective marketing strategies are essential to attract potential buyers, tenants, and...
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