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The outside of a large medical office space

Should I Lease or Buy Medical Office Space?

As a business owner, there are many things to consider when deciding on where to set up your company’s operations Selecting the right location for your business is tricky enough — but choosing if you should lease or buy an office space...
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A commercial real estate building in Scottsdale, Arizona

Why Scottsdale Is One Of The Best Cities for Commercial Real Estate

The Phoenix area is a hotbed for activity and opportunities in the commercial real estate industry One community that is experiencing particularly robust growth in the area is Scottsdale The city is positioning itself as a great place for...
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inside a modern looking commercial real estate property

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate Property

When many entrepreneurs think of a well-diversified portfolio, they tend to only think in terms of stocks and bonds or even mutual funds However, what they might not realize is a truly diverse portfolio will not only have these components...
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Colorful art displays hanging behind a line of chairs inside a medical practice waiting room

5 Easy Ways Your Medical Practice Can Be More Patient Friendly

In today’s healthcare industry, it can be a tricky pursuit to make your patients happy and healthy While investing in new technology and equipment is one great way to create patient satisfaction, making sure your medical practice is...
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What is Mixed-Use Development and why is it Beneficial?

Mixed-use development by definition is the creation of a development containing more than two industrial, institutional, commercial, cultural, hospitality or residential businesses mixed together They come in many different shapes and...
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A woman is helping an employee who is moving boxes in an office setting

Tips On Expanding Your Business Into New Territories

While every business aims for growth opportunities, expanding your business requires a strategy that will outweigh the risks There are several things to consider and do to prepare for business expansion, including geographic research, real...
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A office manager is cleaning her office during COVID-19

4 Ways Property Managers Can Keep Tenants Safe During COVID-19

While COVID-19 continues to impact our personal and professional lives, people are beginning to return to work in office As a result, property managers are tasked with the responsibility of following best practices to ensure tenant...
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A real estate broker is speaking with a client inside an office space

5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

When businesses begin their journey, one of the most important things they will consider is where they will set up shop It’s a process that includes several things to consider , such as employee growth projections, leasing opportunities,...
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A modern brick office that is shown for Virtual Leasing

How Virtual Leasing is Changing the Real Estate Industry

In today’s digital world we utilize smartphones and laptops for almost everything Whether it involves looking for a certain product, restaurant, or the best place to get a haircut, people can now find what they’re looking for with a...
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Top Reasons Why Phoenix is One of the Best Cities for Commercial Real Estate

Phoenix is an ideal market for commercial real estate because it is highly affordable, is prepared to host corporate expansions and relocations, and has a unique and enjoyable quality of life The state has been incentivizing businesses to...
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